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There are a lot more things then coronavirus that can interfere with seeing patients directly.  There are also a lot of reasons to use an encrypted video chat and an optional desktop sharing system is in the best interest of your patients and yours.

Services are available as either a shared service or a dedicated service with custom or vanity DNS using your domain.   Site modifications are also available.

Encrypted peer 2 peer Audio and Video Chat with controlled Desktop Sharing, healthy device compatibility, works with firefox and chrome browsers on any computer.  Mobile apps are available for Apple, Android, and F-Droid devices.  Group sessions use our dedicated hardware and are safe from cloud hackers.

Today it is important to always use a VPN based in the United States that supports only current standards.  We developed for connecting to the internet not just at chat time but at all times. 

The Doctors area is compatible with firefox, chrome, and has both android, f-droid, and IOS apps.

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